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Kyrarch Aluminium Guttering

Stylish, Sustainable & Simple to Order

Kyrarch provide a comprehensive range of gutter profiles to meet the need of traditional, contemporary and commercial buildings.


Using a combination of pressed, extruded and cast aluminium with a range of coating options the range incorporates many installer-friendly features.

Kyrach aluminium eaves and rainwater system products are available in a range of finishes – Polyester Powder Coating (PPC) being the most popular. The finish has good wearing and weather-resistant qualities, and there is a large standard colour range.


Where possible the old methods of jointing using bolts – that penetrate and compromise the joints – are avoided and proven high movement silicone seals are used.

Kyrarch systems are available in different styles/profiles, and you can choose the look that best suits your project. Whether you need to replace traditional guttering on an old building, or a modern look for a new build, Kyrarch is the best choice.

You can make a statement with Kyrarch systems – make your guttering a distinctive feature that complements the building design, either with smart visible systems, or a design that blends in with its surroundings.

Kyrarch components/systems are sourced and manufactured in the UK.


It’s easy to order the wrong components, or too many – we work closely with you to make sure that you order just what you need, ensuring your project is on time and on budget.

Even if you have a non-standard project, Kyrarch aluminium guttering is available as a bespoke product, ensuring a smart and durable end result.

To discuss your Kyrarch requirements, contact our team on 0118 9873344, or email