Keeping the Builder Building



If you’ve ever needed a helping hand with heavy or awkward lifting, then GRABO®, the Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter is the tool for you.


This powerful lifter can lift up to 375 lbs – heavy lifting made easy!


GRABO® is designed to work with dry, rough and porous material – it grabs almost any surface – even wet or dusty materials.


It’s the perfect choice for dealing with windows, worktops, paving stones, doors and panels.

GRABO® increases the safety of the workplace, as well as making the work more efficient, so it’s ideal for the construction industry.


It’s great for carrying larger items that would normally require two people. By attaching the GRABO® to the item, e.g. a wood panel, you will easily be able to lift and carry it without struggling to reach the sides.


Usually, standard suction cups require clean, flat surfaces to work – glass panels are a perfect example of this. GRABO® technology, however, offers incredible suction/lifting power on etched, rough and other irregular surfaces.


GRABO® tools can adhere to a high level of roughness, so you can use them on the vast majority of patterned surfaces such as tiles and other construction materials.

As well as many smooth surfaces, use your GRABO® to work with:



Paving stones

Patterned steel



Textured glass

Natural stone


Texture plates

Gypsum board