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Many construction projects need additional support in order to maintain lateral stability. As well as weather-related forces, walls/panels can also be at risk due to handrails, and large crowds.


Not only are Windposts available for expanses/panels of masonry, they can also be manufactured in shorter lengths, to stabilise parapets or below windows.

If you are looking for a versatile and cost-effective solution, then Windposts have the edge over traditional methods (such as increasing the wall thickness).


SNS Windposts are manufactured in Grade 304 Stainless Steel to bespoke requirements – plan ahead and get your supplies ordered to avoid delays on-site.

We can supply your Windposts within 7 working days after design approval.

All SNS Windposts are supplied with fixings, wall-ties, and specifically-designed base and top connections.


The latter are available for steel, concrete, timber intermediate floors, and timber wall plates.

Keystone Windposts
windposts connections and fixings

Get your Windposts supplied to suit your construction needs. Choose from:

U-type – to fit within the cavity

DU-type – a heavy-duty variety of the U-type

LP-type – built into the inner skin of the wall

Send your drawings to for a full take off of Windposts for your construction project, and arrange delivery to your site BEFORE you run into delays.