Concrete Padstones

Many sizes available from our vast stock or made-to-measure to your requirements ready for collection or delivery to site

We deliver Concrete Padstones nationwide.

SNS is recognised to be a leading provider of precast concrete padstones to the UK building industry with over 30 different padstone sizes normally available from stock. Our range of padstones has been specifically selected to meet the requirements of the trade.

Steel Lintels, Steel Beams including RSJ’s, Universal Beams, Universal Columns, and Parallel Flange Channels are all available from SNS for local delivery only, so please give us a call with your requirements!

Contact SNS for all your padstone requirements… speak to a member of our team on 0118 987 3344 or request a callback.

What are Padstones and why should I be using them?.

Padstones, are specialised high-density concrete blocks. Precast concrete padstones are an integral part of today’s building practices. The purpose of a padstone is to form a sound base or pad for a lintel or steel beam (RSJ, Universal Beam, Universal Column, Parallel Flange Channel) to distribute the load onto the surrounding block or brick structure (which would not commonly cope with the high loads imposed).

Without padstones, this weight would apply a damaging, crushing force to the blocks directly contacted by the lintel. Padstones however are made of stronger denser stuff than normal blockwork. Padstones are manufactured with 50kn/m2 concrete creating a block that will take a considerable weight from above and effectively distribute it across the blockwork below preventing cracks and structural damage.

What size Padstone do I need?

The size of the padstone will ideally be specified in the engineer’s specification and blueprints.

You cannot cut a pre-made padstone down to size, as this could change the compressive strength of the block.

Our technical team will provide the necessary advice when it comes to padstone design and specification.

Your Structural Engineer should be able to recommend the sizes of the concrete padstones required for your project

Our range of concrete padstone sizes are designed to fit most block and pier dimensions.

These standard sizes are available ex-stock and of course, we are always happy to discuss custom requirements.

Please select pre-made padstones from the table.

Order Code Size (mm) SNS031 440X300X100
SNS001 215X140Xl00 SNS032 440X300X140
SNS002 215X215X140 SNS034 440X300X215
SNS004 250X140X100 SNS036 440X300X290
SNS006 250X215X100 SNS037 600X140X100
SNS008 250X215X140 SNS038 600Xl   50Xl 40
SNS010 300Xl40X100 SNS040 600X215X100
SNS012 330X150Xl40 SNS042 600X215X140
SNS014 330X215Xl00 SNS044 600X215X215
SNS016 330X215X140 SNS045 600X300X100
SNS018 330X215X215 SNS046 600X300X140
SNS020 330X300X140 SNS048 600X300X215
SNS022 330X300X215 SNS050 600X300X290
SNS024 440X140X100 SNS051 750X215X100
SNS025 440X150X140 SNS052 900X215Xl 00
SNS026 440X215X100 SNS062 300X300X215Xl00
SNS028 440X215Xl40 SNS066 440X440X215X100
SNS030 440X215X215 SNS070 600X600X215Xl00

Frequently Asked Questions

How strong are padstones?

Padstones are designed to take a substantial amount of weight. This is measured in Newtons and is defined as the amount of force required to move 1 kilogram at the rate of 1 metre per second squared.

Newtons are used to measure a substance’s compressive strength, the amount of force that can be pushed onto an object before it fails. When the force gets too great, the substance could buckle, crack or shatter. Regular concrete mix starts with a rating of about 20.

Generally, precast concrete padstones are manufactured to a 50 N/mm2 compressive strength and they are suitable for the majority of applications where high-strength bearing pads are required.

It takes about 28 days for a padstone to dry, which is what gives it such compressive strength.


How are padstones made?

Precast padstones are made from a measured amount of aggregates, cement and water which is premixed and poured into a mould.

Ad-mixtures may be added to improve padstone production techniques or the properties of the finished product.

Protective clothing, particularly gloves and safety footwear must be worn when handling concrete padstones.


Can I make my own padstones?

It is recognised within the building industry that it is much faster to use precast concrete padstones than shuttering up and casting your own padstones on site. Pouring padstones in-situ is not a consistent, reliable process due to variations in site conditions and therefore is not covered under the CE regulations for structural products on site.

Using a precast concrete padstone manufactured under quality controlled conditions ensures that the load imposed by the steel beam is evenly distributed into the bearing wall, ensuring a safe and sound construction.

Loadings should not be imposed upon a concrete pad until it has had a minimum of 7 days to cure. Full compressive strength is reached at 30 days.

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