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TuffStuff® is a GRP (Glass Reinforcing Polyester) totally seamless hard-wearing flat roof waterproofing system, which complies with all current UK Building Regulations and carries a now mandatory Full Fire Certificate.


It comprises of specially developed polyester resins in liquid form, reinforcement fibreglass mat and a comprehensive range of pre-made edge and flashing trims in 3-metre lengths. When installed, these elements form a totally seamless hard-wearing roof.


TuffStuff® can be expected to provide a lifetime of service and also carries a 25-year product guarantee. It is installed onto OSB 3 BBA-approved tongued and grooved 18mm boards.

Why use TuffStuff?


  • TuffStuff® is not just a roofing system! It is the culmination of 25 years’ experience and development in contracting.


  • The TuffStuff® system is specifically engineered for the needs of the trade, with all components integrated with each other to ensure compatibility and ease of use by the contractor.

We stock an extensive range of TuffStuff® products, enabling you to get all your supplies in one go and get on with the job.

TuffStuff® is extremely versatile and durable. It’s quick to apply, and as a fast-curing system, it saves time and money.


It can be applied to a number of different surface types and structures – including vertical ones.


TuffStuff® forms a highly flexible, extra tough and seamless waterproof membrane.


It’s an ideal system for areas that experience heavy foot traffic.