Picking the right inspection chamber for your project

A handy guide of things you need to know before deciding on an inspection chamber, and choosing the right one for your project.

An inspection chamber is needed any time the pipework changes direction with an angle of more than 30dg, if there’s a change in pipe size, or if two pipes come together at a junction of more than 45dg. These should be accessible through an inspection chamber.

Inspection chambers are an integral part of an underground drainage system. They allow the system to be inspected and cleaned as crucially every point in a drainage system should be accessible for maintenance. This might seem a little over cautious but if there is ever a problem within the system you’ll be grateful you can quickly identify the problem and are able to get to it to fix it!

You would also need to use and inspection chamber commercially if there is a straight run of piping which is over 22 metres long.

On-site, if there is a change in the gradient of the land, you would need inspection chambers at the start and endpoint where the gradient changes.

Further from this, they are also used for safety purposes as they prevent people from entering a drainage system without permission as they can be extremely dangerous.

Before looking into choosing the right inspection chamber you need to know:

  • The size of the pipe
  • The type of pipe you have
  • Cover level/invert level or depth
  • Configuration
  • Depth is a crucial factor in determining which inspection chamber you should use.

An inspection chamber with a width of 300mm or less can only be installed at a depth of 0.6m (600mm) making these chambers perfect for using near your house as you’re not going to need a person to go in and maintain this- making thee non-man entry.

Chambers with a width of up to 450mm can be installed at a depth of 1.2m (1200mm). These are easily accessible for cleaning however are large enough for a small child to fall into so you cannot install these above 1.2m.

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