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Introducing the new Optimaxx high performance decking screws. Complete with a unique Maxxtect coating, giving a 20-year exterior anti-corrosion guarantee and a triumphant 2000-hour salt spray test.

The slash at the end of the screw is a distinctive feature that’s designed to pull you in smoothly and quickly and pull out the material from the hole. The razor-sharp point with the thread starting at the very tip ensures you have an immediate start even in the hardest, smoothest surfaces.

With a reduced diameter head, these decking screws will always fit perfectly within the grooves, consequently preventing damage to the profile. On the underside of the screw head are 12 slots cut directly into it, making the screw an effective countersink tool without the need to counterbore. This unique feature also helps to eliminate damage to the surface being worked on.

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Weight 2.65 kg
Dimensions 32 × 18 cm


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