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Supplier Pricing

In response to rising commodity prices, currency fluctuations and unavoidable operating costs some material prices will be increasing.

We’ve been working closely with our key suppliers to negotiate price reductions, there are some product groups that will and have been introducing price increases. As a result we have increased the price of some of our products.

If you are pricing work ahead, please contact us on 0118 987 3344 for the most up to date prices and guidance.

Thank you for your valued custom and support.

Toilet paper / centre feed / c-fold paper towels up to 20%
Orac décor – moulding / skirting / glue and accessories 10%
Chimney systems / chimney accessories up to 28%
SBR / Water seal / Mitre fast kits / Lumberjack wood glue up to 15%
Cavity trays – abutment / gable / remedial, soffit strip up to 15%
Expansion joint foam filler 8%
Drywall screws / applicator foam guns / caulking guns 6%
First aid kits / eye wash 10%
Flat roof systems / fibreglass trims / resin / catalyst
Copper & Aluminum nails up to 6%
Dust sheets / DPC / temporary polythene sheeting up to 20%
Padstones / concrete lintels / concrete risers 4%
Mortar tone / PU wood adhesive up to 12%
Metal Lathing / Soffit vent mesh / Brick reinforcement up to 13.5%
Vacuum Lifters and accessories 7.5%
Flexible GRP system & accessories / extreme weather catalysts up to 10%
Catalyst / Hardener up 15%
Building chemicals / patination oil / silicones / render mesh up to 40%
Spit shot pins and cartridges up to 15%
Metal straps and angle brackets up to 20%
Roofing products – uni-tile vents / uni-line tile vents / permo forte 10%
Clay airbricks, cavity liners 12%
Jiffy hangers, build in hangers, nail plates 15%
MDPE fittings 10%
Metal lath up to 20%
Steel lintels 18%
Fire stop socks 28%
Wall ties, column ties up to 20%
DPC, tanking membrane, gas membranes up to 5%
Rigid and flexible ducting and accessories
Roof windows, domes, skylights 8.50%
Building chemicals, silicones up to 40%
Access panels, cavity weep holes, airbricks up to 15%
Cavity closers, louvre vents up to 15%
Leadax lead replacement up to 15%
Fibreglass GRP systems and accessories
Silicones, render mesh, building chemicals up to 20%
Concrete floor beams 8.50%
MDPE pipe and fittings 28%
PVC mouldings and skirtings up to 8%
Concrete lintels and padstones 8.50%
Wheelbarrows 15%
Underground drainage pipes and fittings 9.50%
Power tool accessories up to 12%
Nuts and bolts, woodscrews, anchor bolts up to 40%
Window formers and accessories 15%
Galv. Nails 10%
Tarpaulins 7%
Poly top nails and UPVC fascia fittings 5%
Rubber couplings 8.50%
Manhole covers, channel drain and fittings up to 12%
Tile vents, roofing membrane 12%
Inverted line marking paint, rope, warning tapes 8%
Gripfill adhesive, gallows brackets up to 35%
Concrete Lintels / Padstones 14%
Meterboxes and accessories up to 12.5%
Concrete padstones 15%
UPVC fascia, soffit, cover board 10%
UPVC guttering and fittings 10%
Soil pipe and fittings 10%
Portaloo hire 10%
Stop Socks 5%
DPC, tanking membrane, gas membranes up to 12%
Vacuum Lifters
Woodscrews / bolts / drywall screws 4%
Roofing undercloak
Steel lintels / cladding / PVC arch boards 9%
Loft ladders / Joist caps / Vented soffit / Louvre vents 9%
GRP Roofing system / flashings / fibreglass matt / resin
Drainage fittings 18%
Drainage fittings / Soil fittings 17%
Brad nails / First fix / Second fix 17%
Drainage fittings 15%